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Synonyms: aphoristic, apothegmatic, brief… Antonyms: circuitous, circumlocutory, diffuse… Concise antonyms. Top concise antonyms (related to wordy) are long, lengthy and redundant. Antonyms for (adj) concise. Main entry: concise. Definition: expressing much in few words. Usage: a concise explanation.

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English 1000 Opposite Words, Antonym Words List; (adsbygoogle complement complete compose composition conceive concise conclude conclusion… nordisk filologiThe Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-namesArchiv für das. Studium foreign antonyms, this is a full-fledged compendium of resources  Tesla is synonymous with industry leading crash safety performance and in this role Produce and perform concise management summaries and report-outs. Geddes & Grosset Ltd. -over 150 000 clear and accurate Definitions and over 200 000 Synonyms and Antonyms. Concise Edition uppl.

See more. concise definition: 1. short and clear, expressing what needs to be said without unnecessary words: 2.

This book meets the need for a concise textbook of ecology for university students without special biological knowledge.

Usage: a concise explanation. Antonyms: prolix. Definition: tediously prolonged or tending to speak or write at great length. Antonyms: loose.

Concise antonym

2021-04-10 · Another word for concise: brief, short, to the point, compact, summary | Collins English Thesaurus

(of writing) Opposite of relatively brief in extent. Opposite of concise or condensed. Opposite of able to be comprehended. Opposite of small, compact, or on a small scale.

Concise antonym

concise definition: 1. short and clear, expressing what needs to be said without unnecessary words: 2. short and…. Learn more. Define concise.

Antonyms for concise: redundant, expanded, most embellished, enlarged, dis cursive, Iterant, in essential, wordy, all-iterative, most reiterating, more iterating, exaggerated, most iterant, hyperbolic, lengthy, over done Near Antonyms of concise . pleonastic: : the use of more words than those necessary to denote mere sense (as in the man he said) : redundancy .

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Konst : definition of Konst and synonyms of Konst (Swedish. Definition of con (Entry 9 of 12) Concision definition, concise quality; brevity; terseness. See more.

What is the opposite of Concise? Antonyms for Concise (related to talkative). Antonyms for concisely. diffusely, long-windedly, verbosely, wordily. See the Dictionary Definition. Keep scrolling for more. Antonyms for Concise (Vaud).

synonyms: (adj.) abundant, plentiful, wordy, verbose, ample, profuse, bountiful. copious. antonyms: (adj.) inadequate, meager, scanty, concise

31 Concise antonyms. What are opposite words of Concise? Wordy, long-winded, lengthy. Full list of antonyms for Concise is here. Antonyms for concise include verbose, wordy, circumlocutory, prolix, lengthy, palaverous, periphrastic, garrulous, grandiloquent and logorrheic.

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